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Ouachita Online

Ouachita Online is our fully accredited online degree program that extends Ouachita's reach to meet the needs of a variety of learners for whom moving to campus is not feasible. While balancing innovation with tradition, we seek to nurture a love of God and a love of learning. We are creating new opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to attain their educational and vocational goals.


Ouachita Online is a fantastic program for busy professionals. After nearly 20 years of being away from Ouachita I found the same level of care and instruction from the online faculty that I experienced during my time on campus. I would recommend any former Ouachita student who hasn't completed their course of study to consider Ouachita Online. It's a challenging, engaging and rewarding experience; and I'm glad that it's part of my story.

Bryant Adams 

Bryant Adams - 2020 Interdisciplinary Studies graduate


Are you a vocationally minded adult who is seeking to prepare for new employment opportunities or enhancing your potentials for advancement in your current place of employment?

Maximize your prior credit through our Advance Program featuring two degree-completion options. You can obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies or a major in Organizational Leadership.


Interested in the Bible, the church, and ministry?

Ouachita Online offers both the Bachelor of Arts and Associate of Arts degrees in Christian Studies.


Are you a licensed Registered Nurse hoping to level up to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

Ouachita Online's RN-to-BSN Nursing degree may be just what you are looking for.


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To discover how Ouachita Online can help you meet your educational goals, or inquire about transferring credit to Ouachita, please call us at or email us at ouachitaonline@www.artcnr.com.

With fully online courses offered every eight weeks, we will be glad to help you chart a path to a brighter future!

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